Saturday, February 16, 2013

SEO Contest At IIIT Hyderabad

Building organic links has become very important for SEO. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple and effective ways to do it. What is more, building links organically does not cost you much. Here are 10 very effective tips to build organic links.

Guest blogging

Nobody refuses free goodies. So, volunteer to write for blogs that belong to your niche. Submit high quality blogs and include your link in it. If your write-up can convince readers, you link building effort shows results instantly. Similarly, invite owners of high ranking blogs and sites to guest blog on your website.

Attach a blog to your site

Incorporate a blog in your website and write regular posts. Encourage readers to post comments and share the page. The more your blog is shared, more are the links you build. Moreover, website owners and bloggers who post comments on your site invariably leave links to their web pages. These serve as good organic links.

Create great content for your website

Make the content on your website and blog so powerful that people will want to link with you. Good content attracts a lot of organic inbound links, which is an excellent thing for SEO.

Join online communities

Be active on the social media circuits. Seek out online communities that are relevant to your business genre and participate actively in the discussions. If you can prove your expertise, other members of the community will want to link with you.

Post comments in other relevant blogs

Check out high PageRank blogs that deal with genres that are related to your business. Also check whether the blog is a do-follow one. Post comments in these blogs. Make sure that you make useful contributions to the discussion.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest can be a treasure house of organic links. Make a nice collection of relevant content on your pin board and share it on all social networking sites. Every image you pin is a source of organic link. SEO Contest At IIIT Hyderabad

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